This gallery is laid out  in no specific order of rank or date. Occasionally house names are included to identify various people with the same surname.

                   CAPT. HUGH HUGHES            CAPT. JOHN JAMES                  CAPT. THOMAS DAVIES                 WILLIAM LLEWELYN ARTER

                    CAPTAIN JOHN DAVIES             CAPT. EVAN THOMAS                          CAPT. THOMAS REES                DAVID HUGH REES

                        RICHARD DAVIES                        THOMAS DAVIES                          LLEWELYN JENKINS                        DAVID ARTER

                         RICHARD JENKINS                       CAPT. THOMAS JONES               JOHN WILLIAMS                    WILLIAM J. WILLIAMS

                JOHN HAYDEN ELLIS                         ROWLAND HUGH ELLIS                    RICHARD DAVIES                    JOHN DAVIES

  JOHN, THOMAS & EVAN DAVIES                   HARRY JONES                        JOHN S. HAMPSON                     IDRIS W. JONES

                JOHN JAMES  DAVIES             CAPT. W. J. JONES                          WILL SION DAFYDD                         CAPT. DAVID DAVIES

                     DAVID DAVIES                      CAPT. EDWARD LLOYD                     CAPT. JOHN LLOYD                         CAPT. HUGH JONES

            CAPT. RICHARD. L. DANIEL                RICHARD DANIEL                     JOHN DAVIES "TRIGFAN"             TOMMY DAVIES "TRIGFAN"     

                  JOHN T. RICHARDS                       NEERMOL H. DAVIES                    GWILYM I. DAVIES                               ENOCH DAVIES

                CAPT. EVAN J. WILLIAMS                    CAPT. HUGH JAMES             CAPT. WILLIAM RICHARDS          CAPT. RICHARD JONES

               CAPT. DAVID WILLIAMS                  CAPT. DAVID JENKINS                   GWYNDAF EVANS                                DAVID TINK

   CAPT. NORRINGTON-DAVIES                CAPT. DAFYDD REES                      COMM. A.E. RICHARDS      CAPT. D. JONES "ST. ALBANS"

                        CAPT. W. WILLIAMS                       CAPT. LEWIS WILLIAMS           VERNON WILLIAMS          CAPT. THOMAS JONES "PICTON"

                      CAPT. J. E. HERBERT                         CAPT. L. J. HERBERT                          CAPT. T.C. ENOS                      CAPT. CHARLES ENOS

                   HENRY L. WILIAMS                CAPT. HENRY W. WILLIAMS                    CAPT. EVAN JENKINS                     CAPT. J. DAVIES "BODINA"

                CAPT. EVAN WILLIAMS                  JOHN WHITLOCK DAVIES                     RAYMOND HUGHES                 HUGH HUGHES "BOSTON"

                  CAPT. JOSEPH REES                     CAPT. ALAN ENOS                      CAPT. WILLIAM EVANS                       CAPT. JOHN EVANS

                         JACK EVANS                                         TOM RAW-REES                  COMMANDER R. JENKINS         CAPT. WILLIAMS "DINORWIC"

                    PETER J. CASWELL                              CAPT. DAVID I. EVANS                         MURIEL KIND                               DOROTHY TOLER

                   CAPT. EMRYS JENKINS                   CAPT. HORACE JONES                    CAPT. ROBERTS O.B.E.             CAPT. T. WILLIAMS "FRANCON"

              CAPT. EVAN W. DAVIES                           HOWARD DAVIES                               HUGH DAVIES                             DAVID GWILYM DAVIES

        DAVID JENKINS                  CAPT. W. JONES "MONTFORT"              CAPT. J. WATKIN-WILLIAMS                  CAPT. JACK REES

                    HUGH JAMES JNR.                      ALFRED LEWIS                         CAPT. R. JONES                        CAPT. JOHN HUGHES    

   CAPT. JOHN FRANCIS                     CAPT. DAVID HUGHES                  CAPT. JOHN EDWARDS            CAPT. THOMAS DAVIES

CAPT. WILLIAM JONES                 CAPT. JOHN RICHARDS               CAPT.  WILLIAM FRANCIS              CAPT. JOHN JONES     

                   EDWARD LLOYD                                    DEREK LLOYD                                   LEWIS LLOYD                                       JOHN LLOYD


                      GETHIN EVANS                                     ARAN MORRIS                                     ALAN MORRIS                                  LEN DENNETT

                 STEPHEN DENNETT                               BILLY WILLIAMS                            DAVID WILLIAMS                                 PERCY PIERCE

    IVOR WILLIAMS                                BRIAN CLARE                              EDWARD DAVIES                         MICHAEL EDWARDS

                        STEPHEN BROWN                    ARNOLD    DAVIES                         JOHN  L. MATTHEWS                           DAVID ROBILLIARD