Llewelyn 1859-1918 was the son of Captain David and Elizabeth Rees of Gloucester House. Llewelyn married Jane Walters 1854-1940, in 1893, who was born in Orieton Herefordshire. They had one child a daughter Doris Hermielle Walters 1896-1938, who married David William Ethelbert Jones, son of Captain Richard Jones of Pant Awel. They lived all their life in Borth. At fourteen years of age Llewelyn went to sea. During his four year apprenticeship he served on the brigantines Elizabeth and Philia, and the barques Ocean Home and Raglan Castle. As an ordinary seaman his next vessels were Borth owned; the barques Drusus and the Snowdon.

                         DRUSUS                                                          SNOWDON                                                     RAGLAN CASTLE

Llewelyn moved up the ranks swiftly and with his experience was awarded his second mates certificate at Liverpool in 1883. In that position he voyaged on the steamers Maggie Warrington, Miniera and Raphael. He also undertook two long voyages on the barques Loch Fergus the Glendovey rounding Cape Horn several times. By 1887 he had gained his first mates certificate at Liverpool and in that capacity served on the barque Daisy, the brigantine Ephrata, the schooner Natalia and the steamer Dryden. In 1890 after gaining his master's ticket he commanded the Dryden for the next few years.

                            LOCH FERGUS                                                  

Llewelyn had lived at Gloucester House until he married Jane, after which they lived at the Temperance Hotel Taliesin, then 13 Cambrian Terrace Borth and up to Janes death in 1940 at Taliesin House Borth. Both of Llewelyn and Jane are buried at St Michaels Churchyard Borth, as is their daughter Doris and her husband D. W. E. Jones.

Thanks to John Ellis for this career profile